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Economist and a lawyer, Marta studied in Poland, Italy and the UK. In November 2011, she was appointed a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales by the Law Society. Currently a partner in the law firm, McHale and Company Solicitors, with a head office in Manchester, where she has been working for more than 8 years, always happy to offer advice to other Poles.  She is also a director of two companies promoting Polish-British collaboration.

3 years ago Marta founded a networking group for Poles, Polish Networking Club, aiming to promote Polish-British initiatives and business relationships in the North of England. The group brings together professionals, entrepreneurs and Polish businesses across the northern parts of the country. As its President, Marta offers full support to the members.
She is very happy to share her knowledge with others, by giving talks at Polish Business and Workers Seminars, ASBiRO School or writing articles to specialised legal journals in Poland.
She dedicates most of her free time to the Polish community, she supports local initiatives and visits nursing homes for the elderly. Being able to participate in something so valuable gives her immense satisfaction.


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Polish philologist, former  editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Panorama, now interior designer  (“There is no age limit for making a new start in life, the only limit is stupidity “says Malgorzata), mom of a growing-up daughter, she works for the Association of Polish Technicians, which would not have lasted without her help.

For a few years she has cared for the image of the oldest Polish organisation in the UK – the Association of Polish Technicians (STP). She is responsible for promoting, advertising, organising conferences, courses, meetings, cooperation with the media, social media services, creating websites and that is not all the work she does for STP. She also looks after administration of the STP’s Technical Academy, organising AutoCAD courses. Partially thanks to her involvement the Academy is celebrating its seventh year.

She is the initiator of the AutoCAD courses on design within the Leonardo da Vinci PLM (People in the Labour Market) programme, You never stop learning.

Malgorzata also initiated the action Computer for Seniors, promoting computer literacy amongst the older generation of emigrants, who have been somehow excluded from reality due to the lack of access to computers.

Malgorzata is also the originator and creative director of the Academy of Design,

the latest project of Association of Polish Technicians. Its main objective is to organise events, promote Polish design and innovative approach by training, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. All to a common goal: to inspire and develop creativity amongst Poles.

Consumed with passion, she is willing to share her knowledge and experience and claims that the most important thing in life is to make decisions that make us like ourselves. That is the best way to achieve inner harmony





Ewa Gluza is a passionate community worker, she devotes every spare moment to organising events in order to strengthen Polish community in Oxford  With her never ending enthusiasm and optimism, Ewa is one of the main founders of the Oxford Polish Association (, formed in April 2011. From March 2012 Ewa is the committee chair.
She has organised many events in Oxford, such as the Annual Family Picnics, Play Poland Film Festival 2011-2013, acoustic concerts, Polish community meetings, Grandparents Day, Easter Egg Painting, The Women’s Day, The Child’s Day, dance sessions and many sport events. All these serve the purpose of promoting Polish culture and traditions in the UK and collecting funds for charities.
Ewa arranges consultations for Polish residents in Oxfordshire, aiming to help them to adapt to the reality of life in the UK, to find a job, apply their ideas into practice, she facilitates meetings with lawyers, police, accountants etc.
In April and May 2014, she organised the OXFORD 10/10/10 project (, 10 organizations, 10 events, 10 years of Poland in the EU), which not only enjoyed a great reception from the residents of Oxfordshire, but also promoted Polish culture and history.

As a former Scout, she organises scout camps on the coast of Poland for Polish children where they can not only polish their language skills but also get a chance to visit beauty spots. She also organises CV clinics for the residents of Oxfordshire, helping them to write CVs, cover letters and fill in work applications.