Congress of Polish Women 2014

POLISH WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2014 announced! Click here for more details

The Congress of Polish Women in the UK is a social initiative, started last year by a group of Polish women carrying out a variety of projects under the name of The United Kingdom of Polish Women. The warm reception of last year’s Congress gave us the confidence to continue the initiative
The 2014 edition of the Congress is a result of our work, supported by the Polish Embassy in London and many members of the Polish community

The motto of last year’s congress, which took place on 11th October, 2014 was
And You too have Europe inside You – wake Her up!


The main aim of the Congress was to encourage Polish women in Great Britain to realise their potential in various areas of life – business, art, science, nurture their passions and acquire knowledge, which would enable them to successfully cope with problems in personal and professional life. Both the Congress’ programme and the events were carefully planned to meet the expectations of Polish women representing Polish community in the UK. The meeting was therefore an opportunity for them to join the discussions on choosing a career, combating stereotypes, and in general: women in business, life and the professional environment.


The aim of the Congress was to show the process of integration within the EU, which has been taking place for the last 10 years, since Poland joined the EU.

At the Congress, we nominated Polish Women of the Year, women who with their work, attitude, commitment and engagement in social work, business, culture and art – stand out from the crowd.

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