United Kingdom of Polish Women in the UK

About us

We inspire Polish Women in the UK. Here are the main areas of our activity
Congress of Polish Women

For the first time the Congress of Polish Women was held in London in 2013. It is our biggest event, which gives us the opportunity to show how much we can achieve together.

Polish Woman of the Year

Every year at the Congress we nominate the most active Polish women in the UK.

Other events

The Congress is only one of many events the United Kingdom of Polish Women organises throughout the year in London. For up to date information, please visit our FB Fan page.

Polish Women in the UK

We are an important part of the British society.
Polish women have great potential - we help them to realise it!

According to the Office for National Statistics (2012) there are over 750 thousands Poles living in the UK, the unofficial data, however, shows that there are about 2 million, of which half are women. These women work in the UK, they achieve success, determine the quality of life of Polish families abroad and play a significant role in the UK job market, contrary to the way media have portrayed them. The conclusions drawn from the first Congress in 2013 inspired the members of the committee to continue this initiative, creating further opportunities to exchange experiences, opinions and inspirations within the community of Polish women in the UK.

  • We dispel the myths

    Our aim is to not only show that some stereotypes of Polish women in the UK are both untrue and harmful, but also build their positive image.

  • We inspire

    Through our activities and initiatives we aim to support Polish women in the UK so that they can realise their potential in business, art, science, etc. We encourage them to nurture their passions and gain education, which would enable them to cope successfully with personal issues, difficulties in their professional careers or health-related problems.

Our team

Meet the people involved in organising the events of 2015
The Committee’s Leader
Sexuologist, family counselor and court mediator. She graduated from Warsaw School of Social Psychology. Member of the Polish Society of Sexuologists and Polish Psychologists’ Association in London.
Member of the Team
Polish Philology graduate, Europeanist, a journalist with 17 years of experience working with newspapers, radio and TV stations. Former editor-in-chief of the weekly Cooltura, currently editor-in-chief of Londynek.net – the largest Polish community portal in the UK.
Member of the Team
Polish Philology Graduate. Monika has a great passion for poetry and Latin American Literature. An “old soul” with the love for “Elderly Gentlemen’s Cabaret” and Reiki fan. Co-owner of a London based company.
Member of the Team
“Poznanian in London”, intercultural training coach and business consultant, who loves sea, animals and traveling.
Member of the Team
She is a graduate of Warsaw Agricultural University’s (Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture). This year Ewelina also completed the postgraduate course in Applied Psychology at the Polish University Abroad.
Member of the Team
Marta is a third year student at UCL (Faculty of Natural Sciences) and the President of Polish Federation of Student Associations in the UK.
Karolina Babiańska
Member of the Team
Urszula Walczak
Team Member
Agnieszka M. Zieleniec-Dixon
Member of the Team
Dominika Mackowska
Member of the Team
Justyna Kieruzel
Member of the Team
Beata Kopka
Member of the Team
Malgorzata Lojek
Member of the Team

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